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RBC Avion
January 2014

RBC Avion

When it comes to travel reward cards, most customers are used to getting treated like steerage. Every time they go to redeem their points, it’s as if their traveller’s rights and freedoms are assailed. They routinely put up with black out periods, seat restrictions, and fluctuating prices during peak seasons. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The RBC Avion Card does away with all the restrictions and bad treatment travellers are used to. And instead, offers cardholders unalienable traveller’s rights and freedoms. We just needed to dramatize it in a way that got people talking. All at a time every travel card was competing for attention.

That’s why our goal was to shine a critical light on the injustice of other travel cards and demonstrate how capricious (dare we say ridiculous) the rules really are. We did this by applying the all-too-familiar “peak season pricing” to a restaurant scenario and created “peak steak season”. The work really struck a chord.