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Spin Master
Sky Stunt™
July 2013

Spin Master - Sky Stunt™

Air Hogs ® is the leading maker of remote control planes. Our task was to launch Sky Stunt™ – their newest outdoor plane. Since our target was (8-15) we had to be cognizant of laws protecting them from advertisers.

We needed a game experience compelling enough to draw in these video-game-playing kids. To do this, we created a game demo that was relevant and personal to each user. Users told us where they wanted to stunt their plane because they could truly STUNT ANYWHERE. We empowered kids to “Stunt Around the Globe”. Kids could enter any address (via Google Street View) and stunt their virtual Sky Stunt plane above it. Naturally they stunted planes above their homes or schools. They could even go deeper through all levels of the game, and print their Pilot’s License for all to see.

There are tons of flying games out there, but only ours offered kids a chance to truly stunt anywhere.