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Visa Canada
Visa Debit
January 2014

The Campaign

Almost everyone in Canada has a VISA card in their wallet as well as a debit card from their bank. The large majority of debit cards have recently been replaced by one with the words Visa Debit on it – unfortunately, only 11% of cardholders know what this means.

Our job was to let consumers know that Visa Debit works just like a regular debit card, with a brilliant added benefit. Unlike a regular debit card, Visa Debit can be used online to make purchases straight from their bank account. Now they can shop from tier-one sites like Amazon, Toys “R” Us and Cineplex and not have to accumulate charges on their credit card. Our audience? The 89% of Canadian Visa Debit cardholders who were clueless about this new way to use the card.

The key to the campaign? Demonstrating in an unexpected and entertaining way how easy Visa Debit is to use. We did this by creating four artfully crafted stop-motion online spots. Each one uses characters and elements that mirror what is being purchased. This made them engaging and highly sharable. So sharable, in fact, that combined, the videos garnered over 9 million combined views on YouTube.