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Proximity Briefing
February 2014
February 2014

Facebook Paper

Social media has become less about social interaction and more about content curation and discovery. Each individual has become a news and information aggregator for their social circles and, with the launch of a standalone app called Paper, Facebook is aiming to take the place of apps like Flipboard and Twitter in the race to consume, discover and share. This app may also be viewed as a response to the growing mobile-only use of Facebook; nearly one third of mobile Facebook users only use Facebook on mobile. Yet, the Facebook app is often seen as fairly clunky.

While retaining all of the functionality of the original Facebook app, Paper’s streamlined user experience and interface allows users to flip between different Facebook-curated streams of content. Each stream of content can include rich media, links and Facebook posts from brands and public figures.

Proximity has developed a Snapshot briefing to provide brand leaders all they need to know about this new app, which reached the top five of the App Store within hours of its (thus far US-only) release . It’s our recommendation that brands and agency partners closely monitor the growth of this app and its impact on content performance on Facebook.