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Proximity Briefing
August 2013
August 2013

Facebook relaxes promotional rules

FACEBOOK Facebook contests are tactics that many brands use to reward their communities, build engagement and generate earned media. Until this week, Facebook required that all contesting take place within a custom-designed application and did not allow use of native functionality such as likes, shares, tagging and private messages for the purpose of contest entry.

Yesterday, Facebook announced that it would be relaxing the rules of promotions to allow brands to use the like, comment and private message features as contest entry mechanisms.

Proximity has developed a Snapshot briefing to provide brand leaders with all they need to know about this new feature. It’s our recommendation that brands continue to approach contesting on Facebook carefully, exploring when it’s appropriate to use an app and when simpler contesting mechanisms can be deployed. As before, all contests must include legal guidelines in accordance with Canadian Sweepstakes regulations.