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Do Us a Flavour
February 2013

Lay’s® Canada Do Us a Flavour™ Contest

How do you celebrate Lay’s® unique and diverse flavour offerings without overlooking the brand’s core lineup? Introduce a program that gives consumers the power to decide what the next great flavour will be: Lay’s® ‘Do Us a Flavour’™.

We asked Canadians to enter their ideas at lays.ca/flavour. Users could view flavour ideas submitted by others in the Flavour Showdown. The ‘I’d Eat That!’ button let them choose their favourite. It would automatically be shared with their social graph through a personalized story. This allowed every vote to spread virally across hundreds of thousands of users. The top four flavors were produced and put in stores for Canadians to try and vote for their favourite via our FB application, Twitter and Text/SMS. The flavour with the most number of votes became part of Lay’s® already great tasting line up and won a $50,000 cash prize plus 1% of all future flavour sales.

The results surpassed expectations. Canadians answered the call and the ideas for Lay’s® potato chip flavours poured in and sales grew. Lay’s® received 633,292 flavour submissions, indexing at 317% to our goal of 200,000.