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Visa Canada
Visa Do You #Smallenfreuden?
May 2013

Visa Do You #Smallenfreuden?

Most Canadians only use their credit cards for large purchases – the big stuff like new TVs and Stereos. Visa Canada wanted to change that and have Canadians use their Visa cards for everyday purchases like coffee or lunch. Our strategy focused on driving contemplation among our target group to consider using their Visa card in a new way. We also believed that in order to get people to use their Visa card for everyday purchases, we had to name the behaviour we were hoping to create. So we invented a new word – Smallenfreuden (The Joy of Small) – which we defined as using your Visa card for everyday purchases. Then we designed a campaign to ignite a conversation through a unifying call to action – ‘Do you #Smallenfreuden?’

We developed dozens of faux #Smallenfreuden websites to populate Google Search Results pages. We created Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary entries, and developed a YouTube video, which explained the origin of the word. Out of home billboards were also used to drive people online to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google. After the teaser phase, we revealed the meaning of #Smallenfreuden across all of Visa’s digital properties and through a TV spot that ran during the NHL playoffs.

Our #Smallenfreuden campaign broke through the clutter and was successful at raising awareness and incenting trial with 61,000,000 million impressions generated using the hashtag.