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Rogers NextBox 3.0 PVR Confidential
February 2014

Rogers NextBox 3.0 PVR Confidential

The Rogers NextBox 3.0 delivers the ultimate TV experience. The big reason is that it eliminates recording conflicts by letting you record up to 8 shows at once (5 more than Bell’s Fibe offering). We needed to make this our hero message.

To talk about eliminating recording conflicts, we had to show people what a recording conflict really was.

Borrowing from 60 Minutes-type exposés, cop shows and even film noir, we wanted to dial up the gravity of PVR crime: They’re those sneaky little oh-she-won’t-even-remember-this-is-here erasings. It’s blaming your kids for erasing your husband or wife’s guilty pleasure to make room to record yours.

We wanted to sensationalize these crimes; these recording conflicts. So we created our own PVR crime show: PVR Confidential: A sordid tale of erasure, cancellation and betrayal.

Banner ads teased the drama and drove to the site. Once there, consumers could explore the story, witness the betrayals for themselves and discover the solution: NextBox 3.0. Instructional videos accompanied our episodic spots and share functionality was also built in.

As this program is in its infancy, results are not yet available. However, as this work is a whole new world for Rogers and for Proximity, we’re very excited to see what PVR Confidential can do.