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Canadian Olympic Committee
January 2014

COC #WeAreWinter

To encourage Canadians to show even more support for our Winter Olympic athletes, we started with a simple truth: winter has shaped each and every one of us. Leading the campaign were TV spots featuring individual Canadian athletes at their personal crossroad with winter. Tension versus Beauty. Poetry versus Grit. Crossroads that spur each athlete towards greatness. Voiceovers were lines from 19th Century Canadian verse, written specifically about winter, including the gravely voice of Leonard Cohen – one of Canada’s greatest living poets.

The print campaign continued the story with stunning athletic photography and powerful verse. The campaign’s call to action appeared as a hashtag: #WeAreWinter – inviting Canadians nationwide to join in the conversation and cheer for Team Canada.

During the opening ceremonies, our #WeAreWinter hashtag trended on Twitter. Which led to the Canadian Olympic Committee seeing a 250% increase in Twitter followers. Facebook fans increased 28%. YouTube channel views increased 2,344%. Site visits increased 1,499%. And to top it off, thousands of Canadians turned their status into a Thunderous online cheer during the Opening Ceremonies, reaching more than 1.3 million people around the globe.